Luxury perfume: Royal Muska by M.Micallef

What’s a better way to go back to the blog then a big entrance with Royal Muska by M. Micallef – a truly luxurious and indeed royal fragrance?

I find Royal Muska truly intriguing – from the name, through a beautiful Swarovski crystal-encrusted bottle, finally to the mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind scent. It won’t be easy to describe – musks tend to react strongly to the body chemistry and smell very differently on each person. And Royal Muska is a blend of the highest quality, smoothest musks that create an aura of sensuality.

This beautiful fragrance, a creation of Jean-Claude Astier, opens with sweet notes of Turkish rose, peach and raspberry. I must admit, however, that on my skin they are not the most prominent. From the first minutes I can smell the middle notes: powerful ylang-ylang, precious woods (thinking of wood washed onto the shore by the sea, with strong salty notes) and soft musk. Closer to the end of the day the scent unveils creamy musk with benzoin.

I keep emphasizing the softness and creaminess of the musks’ here and it is for a reason. Depending on the type and quality of the musks used, they can make a composition seem sharp and synthethic, however Royal Muska is nothing like that. From the first sniff you realize it’s highest quality and seemless compostition. I was stunned by how it developed on my skin.

To me, Royal Muska smells like a beautiful holiday in the Mediterranean. Crisp white shirt, a pair of smart shorts, golden tan and…Royal Muska. Fresh but at the same time very elegant and incredibly sensual. It’s not a holiday in tourist-packed Costa Brava, it’s a luxurious getaway to Portofino, Amalfi or Monte-Carlo. On me, it’s sea salt, combined with feminine ylang-ylang, the perfect blend of musks and creamy benzoin, which makes it a scent perfect for both day and night.

I can definitely call Royal Muska my signature scent. Elegant and, well, sexy at the same time. It lasts and evolves all day, but is very inobtrusive with low to medium sillage. I can’t wait to try more perfumes from M.Micallef – from the ones I know so far, the brand is becoming my favourite. I bought my bottle at Perfumeria Quality.

Have you used any perfumes by M.Micallef? Please share your favourites!


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