AESOP – brand overview and favourites

A couple of days ago I proudly announced on my Instagram (if you’re waiting for a sign to follow me on Instagram – @aniaskor – this is it) that I’m working on a lot of new content including a post about my favourite skincare brand. If I had to choose only one brand to use products from, no doubt it would be AESOP and I wouldn’t even be mad about it. Here’s a little guide to AESOP  and some of my holy grail finds! AESOP is an Australian nature-focused, high-end brand available in their own or multibrand stores across the world (in Poland you can find it at Galilu ). AESOP products are created with attention to detail, after thorough research, using the highest quality, mainly natural ingredients. Due to possible differences in harvests, plant-based ingredients can differ from year to year, and therefore the products can also have slight changes. Apart from high quality and natural formulas,  AESOP is also well known for their unique apothecary-style, minimalist design that’s unisex, just like the products themselves. As a high end or even luxury brand, AESOP cosmetics are expensive, although the prices vary, depending on the formula of the product – you can find a moisturizer for 30 as well as 100 dollars. From the brand, there is skincare, bodycare and haircare available, however I wasn’t a fan of the haircare personally. Below you can find some of my favourites that had a total WOW effect on me.


Sage and zinc facial hydrating cream – SPF15

It’s my favourite for combination skin. Let me tell you, my skin is difficult. Acne- and irritation-prone, dry because of tretinoin treatment and normal to oily in the T-zone, which means it’s really hard to find a moisturizer that can deal with all that, however this one more than does the job. It doesn’t break me out, it’s very hydrating and nourishing but at the same time non-greasy nor heavy AND it has an SPF. I seriously couldn’t ask for more. As my skin can be irritated with visible redness because of harsh Polish winter and my anti-acne treatment, I try to find a moisturizer with a calming, protective effect and this one has it. It also works well under makeup and has a gorgeous smell.  The only two “buts” I can find is the jar packaging for the bigger size (40ml comes in a tube) and that the SPF could be higher.

Fabulous Face Oil

Exactly as the name not-so-subtly suggests, it is fabulous. This dry oil is light in consistency but ultra nourishing, perfect to use on it’s own as evening moisturizing. If you have combination, dull and congested skin, this product is for you. I personally noticed a difference from the first use, as I woke up with my skin feeling tight (but good tight, not dry-tight), looking healthy and brighter, with redness, dryness and irritation gone. Not to mention that the application is a wonderfully relaxing ritual, as the oil has an absolutely beautiful, herbal-woody scent, reminiscing a forest in summer. After a week of use I could also notice my dark spots fading which was really impressive for a skincare, non-medical product (even though it doesn’t claim fading dark spots so that was a nice surprise). I couldn’t also not mention a powerful but rarely found ingredient that is also present in a few other AESOP products – evening primrose oil. It is known for helping reducing skin inflammation, relieving symptoms of eczema and acne as well as improving skin’s elasticity, firmness and moisture. I noticed that products containing evening primrose oil work really well on my skin. No cons!

Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

I believe it’s the strongest and harshest face scrub I’ve used so I would recommend reaching for it once in a while, definitely not more than once a week. Despite that it feels harsh, I didn’t find it irritating, it just scrubbed EVERYTHING off, getting rid of any bumps, congestion and impurities. My skin felt and looked like new afterwards. I wouldn’t use it if you have active acne or skin irritation as instead of helping it could just aggravate the problem.

Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream

Ultra moisturizing, super nourishing and restorative, I would call it my rescue cream for when my skin is heavily dehydrated, red and needs a boost. It’s very rich in consistency but dries quickly to a completely matte finish, however I did notice my skin getting a bit oily during the day. It’s a low price to pay though considering how well this cream combats dryness and redness. My quick fix for an oily T-zone would be Essence blotting papers or simply a porous paper towel gently patted on the skin. The ingredients list is quite impressive, you can find Vitamins C and E, frankincense (ah, the scent!), Aloe Vera, Shea butter, jojoba and rose fruit oil so I’d say it’s packed with good-for-your-skin and non-comedogenic ingredients.  Unfortunately such a formula comes with a hefty price tag of around 120$ for 60ml. I wish that with such a price the moisturizer came with SPF which should really be a standard these days.


Redemption Body Scrub

Another potent exfoliant from AESOP, this time for the body. It contains finely milled pumice and bamboo stem that get rid of any dead skin cells or little bumps, leaving the skin super smooth and super clean. It’s exfoliating properties as well as pine needle scent make a perfect part of a weekly beauty ritual. I wouldn’t use it if you have very sensitive skin as pumice can be pretty harsh.

Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm

Oh my. If you’ve had a rough day and want to relax in the evening…. this could definitely help. Undoubtedly the best body balm I’ve used – very smooth, silky texture, neither too runny nor too heavy, covering the skin with relieving, hydrating, but non-greasy layer. Altogether with it’s gorgeous, warm scent of tangerine rind, sandalwood and vanilla it just makes the perfect end of the day and a little bit of pamper time. I only wish it was more efficient and more affordable! I hope you liked my little brand overview here, would you like to see more brand-focused posts in the future? Have you used any AESOP products? What are your skincare faves? To the next one, Ania .

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  1. I haven’t tried anything from Aesop yet, but I’ve been curious about the brand for some time now! Thanks for the overview 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I discovered it when I was working in a store that sells it. Definitely worth a try:)

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