Sensual lioness – Nubica by Le Couvent des Minimes | REVIEW

About Le Couvent des Minimes

Reaching into the history of the Minimites Monastery in France and the work of the court of Louis botanic, Louis Feuillée, Le Couvent des Minimes has built a collection of unique products inspired by nature. Their fragrances are created according to the art of the French Haute Perfumerie but each has a unique twist – I promise you won’t smell like every Lucy and Jenny when using them. Just like in niche perfumes, it’s the quality ingredients that play the main role. You don’t have a cacophony of all the popular notes like in many mass-market perfumes. The scents are very refined, but at a surprisingly affordable price. Excellent price to quality ratio was one of the goals of the brand’s creators. 

Eaux des parfums singulières by Le couvent des Minimes

is a line created by perfumer master and genius Jean Claude Ellena (ex. Hermès perfumes), famous for his airy compositions. This time, with his team he created four fragrances inspired by the bestiaire, written by Louis Feuille after traveling the world in search for exotic plants and animals. In the line there are five scents: Nubica (Patchouli and Vanilla Tonka), Lysandra (Jasminum Grandiflorum and Mandarine), Hattaï (Red Berries and Amber Wood), Saïga (Blackcurrant Bud and Rose) and Heliaca (Oud and Ginger).

The line is simple and each fragrance is based on two-three notes that tell the whole story. There is no need for more, they all speak for themselves and are very different to each other.

My immediate choice was Nubica. And it wasn’t (just) because I love cats, also the wild ones – Nubica is symbolized by a lioness and sensuality was the main theme for it.

Nubica by Le Couvent des Minimes

If you like Serge Lutens’ Un bois vanille or Eau Duelle by Diptyque, you will fall in love with Nubica as well. It’s similar but at the same time different, thanks to the unusual vanilla-patchouli combination. 

Vanilla and tonka bean notes provide creamy warmth, slightly sweet and very sensual. The sweetness, however, is cleverly broken by the strength of the earthy-green patchouli. The combination is sexy but at the same time very comforting – very different from any stereotypes regarding sensual fragrances. It is a unisex scent, although I can feel the feminine side of it more. I am sure that not every man will be able to pull this off!

I would say that Nubica stays close to the skin, with lasting power of around four hours. I noticed that it lasts much longer on my hair, I get whiffs of it even at the end of the day. It is a perfect scent for those who like oriental fragrances but need something that won’t be overwhelming. It is also very appropriate for the workplace, as it’s not likely to give your colleagues any headache (like some of my ouds…)

Nubica is an Eau de Parfum, available in two formats: 50 and 100ml, on Le Couvent des Minimes website or in selected retailers – in Poland it’s Douglas.

What are your favorite fragrances by Le Couvent des Minimes?

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