Fragrance journey to Italy – Carthusia Io Capri and Etro Musk

It’s a popular trend to lean towards heavier, warmer scents during winter and fresh, fruity or aquatic ones in summer. I’d like to break the stereotypes a bit here and recommend a little twist – two gorgeous Mediterranean fragrances, perfect to bring back holiday memories in the middle of winter.

Carthusia Io Capri EDT

Carthusia isn’t a particularly widely known brand – i’d say it’s niche of the niche, however definitely worth discovering. All of their products are hand-made, using the methods of Carthusian monks as well as ingredients originating from Capri. Their one-of-a-kind fragrances are perfectly reflecting the scents you will naturally find in the Mediterranean and Io Capri is no exception.

Fig scents are generally not the easiest to wear – they are more popular among conoisseurs, although Io Capri is not just a fig scent. It’s a mix of the finest, natural ingredients that altogether create a beautiful, leafy but rich scent that, to me, resembles a garden in the south of Italy after the rain. In the head notes you can find prominent wild mint, eucalyptus and citruses, the heart notes are more flowery and fruity but not at all sweet with fig, tea, apple blossom and jasmine. The base notes that add depth while still remaining fresh are seaweed and tobacco flowers.

Despite being eau de toilette Io Capri lasts all day, with medium sillage, which was a pleasant surprise for me. Therefore, I can not only enjoy this beautiful scent but I can do so all day (and so does everyone else that gets near haha!).

Etro Musk EDT

Etro is mainly known for their signature printed dresses and scarves, especially in the famous paisley print and not many people realize they also have an amazing perfume collection. I discovered it recently myself and, being a fan of musky scents, I immediately fell in love with beautiful, woody Etro Musk.

Etro Musk EDT 100ml

The scent opens with bergamot, verbena and grapefruit, however from the beginning you can also detect the middle notes – sandalwood, gaiac and cedar as well as the base of musk. It’s a very sensual but at the same fresh fragrance, personally I can mainly smell moss and musk here. It’s very uplifting and relaxing, I love using it before sleep to calm myself down and enter the world of dreams in good mood.

It’s a truly unisex scent, that combines creamy, soft musk and more “masculine” woody side. I find it truly intoxicating and nothing can stop me from smelling my wrist again and again. I only wish it lasted a bit longer (eau de toilette stays on for about 3-4 hours) and had better sillage – someone has to get really close to smell it, which adds a bit to the sensuality part perhaps, it’s like a well-kept secret only for the closest ones.

I highly recommend checking out both these fragrances or similar and experimenting. Try a fresh scent in winter or in the evening or a smokey oud in the middle of a hot summer day – whatever you feel good in, whenever!

I’m curious, do you change perfume depending on the season or weather? Please share in the comments!

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