10 types of guys on Tinder

To those of you who don’t know what Tinder is, it’s a famous (and infamous) dating or hookup app (depends on what the person is looking for, TBH) where you swipe people left or right based on seeing their profile with pictures and a description. If you both swipe right on each other, you get a match and can start a conversation. Now that you know what Tinder is and you are sensitive to such topics here’s your chance to close this post, you have been warned 😉

During the months of swiping guys left and right and talking to many of them, this post basically created itself. I was surprised to find out that most of the guys fall into at least one of these categories (it doesn’t mean that you do too, if you’re a guy!). In case you’re wondering if I’m still tindering – no, I no longer have the app.  This post has been written purely for fun so don’t take it too seriously! 😉

1. The F*ckboy.

Most common type on Tinder, obviously. He wants to have many girls, each for one night (sometimes two – girls or nights) and that’s exactly why he’s on Tinder. No, he doesn’t want to date you nor will he change for you and become your loving boyfriend all of a sudden. Considering that sex is the only thing he can and wants to offer, he better be amazing at it but, unfortunately, it’s not always the case (how to tell just from talking to the person? I can write about it too… Or shouldn’t I?;)

2. The Ghost.

He will match but never message. Most likely he’s on Tinder just to see how many girls find him attractive to boost his ego a bit or perhaps he just likes to browse as a pastime. Likely to be in a relationship already.

3. The Cheater.

As I already mentioned a guy who’s in a relationship, The Cheater is looking for the so called “fun” on Tinder behind his wife’s, girlfriend’s, fiance’s or whoever’s back. “I really love my girlfriend but…”. “It’s not that simple…”. Stay away, I’d say. Why? That’s probably a topic for a separate post.

4. The pet lover.

I don’t know what’s with guys taking pics with pets as their profile ones. Do they think they are not cute enough to get a match so they need the girls to swipe right for the cat or something? I remember matching with a guy whose main pic was one with a really cool cat. He said something quite obscene in the beginning so I said I swiped right just cuz the cat was cute. Oopsy.

5. The Manipulator.

The guy who will pretend he wants to date you (or be friends with you) or try any other way to manipulate you just to get laid.  I personally find it offensive because it means he thinks you’re not only naive but also stupid. Seriously guys, we really can tell…. Quite lame too I’d say because it shows that he isn’t confident at all – he thinks he has to manipulate in order to get what he wants because his looks or other qualities are not enough. If a guy is smart, attractive and confident he will get it without having to lie to anyone.

6. The Traveller.

Either a tourist or a guy on a business trip, looking for company in the city he doesn’t know. Sometimes he just wants to meet locals, go for a party, go sightseeing with someone and sometimes he just wants a girl for the night. Or all of the above. You will not know until you actually talk to him.

7. The New-in-town.

Expats are a large group on Tinder and I’m not surprised – they are new here, don’t know anyone, don’t know the city and the app is an easy way to meet new people of all kinds. Just like with the The Traveller, you will not know what he actually wants until you talk to him. Often looking just for some new friends.

8. The Dating One.

Not as rare as some may think, that’s a guy who is on Tinder because he wants to date someone or has no particular expectations, he’s just not into scoring as many girls as possible. Can be a normal, chilled out guy. It is certainly not true that all guys are on Tinder for one night stands, for some reason that’s what guys who ARE there for those say. However, I do not think that looking for your future spouse on Tinder is the brightest idea (and if a guy says he’s looking for true love on Tinder, see point 5). But of course, anything can happen.

9. The Nasty. And Nastier.

There are many nasty people on Tinder and if you want to see how bad it can get, check out @tindernightmares account on Instagram. I have absolutely no idea how someone may think that saying “I want you to sit on my face” to a complete stranger is a good idea, but apparently some do. I cannot imagine a girl saying yes to that but maybe I’m wrong and it’s actually a brilliant pick up line.

10. The Hater.

You may think I’m kidding here but there are some guys on Tinder who, well, hate women (or people in general), and use the app to vent out their frustrations, failures and hatred. Unfortunately you don’t know until you’re verbally attacked, sometimes from the first message itself. Unmatch.

Okay, okay. I don’t want to be so pessimistic so I’m gonna give you the bonus one:

11. The Prince Charming.

He’s exactly your type. Witty, good looking, well-mannered. You want to go out with him and when you do it just clicks between you two. You meet again and again, it can be a start of something really amazing. Ya know, the butterflies in the stomach kind of thing. Why he’s number 11? Because he’s a mythical creature that no one has yet seen but many are looking for.

Now I’d like to hear some of your tinder stories! Do you agree with my “types”? Would you add someone to that list? And guys, what types of girls have you seen on Tinder? Which type are you?

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This is a completely different post to my previous ones as it’s not beauty related. Now I have a very important question for you guys – would you like to see more posts like this on the blog once in a while or should I stick to the beauty ones? Please let me know in the comments!

To the next one,

xx, A.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. harivain says:

    I loved no 11!!! Everyone’s looking but he does not exist!!! HAHAHA!


  2. Ha! I just posted about a Tinder “breed” today! So funny! This is spot on!


  3. Swankie says:

    Id have to say I’m for sure number 2: the ghost as I tend to only use tinder in an experimental form for my series 24 Hours on Tinder where I use tinder abroad and see what it’s like, check them out on my blog


  4. CarlyStarr says:

    I would add Mr. Touchy-Feely. The man who gets way to handsy way too soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ania says:

      I guess there are Mr. Touchy-Feely in most of the types😂 And that’s when we become Mrs. Run-Away🙈


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