How to shop for cosmetics and save money


Hello everyone, I hope you’re all feeling good! Today I thought I will share with you some of the tips and tricks I follow to develop my already extensive makeup collection without breaking the bank!

1. Make wishlists.

Whenever I really want a beauty product I add it to my wishlist that I have written down. Thanks to that I can see everything clearly and prioritize which items I want to get first and which I don’t actually need. I often cross out products when I realize they are a few similar ones or I don’t actually want them anymore, what saves me from random shopping. It’s also very useful when an occasion like birthday or Christmas comes because I can just reach to my list and say what I would like to get, making shopping for gifts easier for everyone!

2. Read reviews.

Many products seem really appealing in the store or an ad campaign but it doesn’t mean they will actually work for everybody so you might just end up using a product once and throwing it out. I almost always read reviews before I decide to splurge, including the ones from bloggers I know that have similar skin type or makeup preferences to me. My favourite websites for reviews are Makeup Alley, Sephora and Beautypedia to name a few.

3. Know the ingredients.

If I knew earlier which ingredients are harmful to my skin I would have saved literally so much! Both money and my skin, because some products make me break out really badly. If many products like skin care or foundations irritate your skin or break you out, try to find common ingredients and then next time buy a product that doesn’t contain them. Many cosmetics have similar formulas, so it’s useful to know which types are the best for you.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples.

In Poland where I live, people are often hesitant when it comes to asking for samples because the staff tends to look down on them sometimes. However, you always have the right to ask for a sample and they should give you one. Let’s be honest, no one would like to splurge on a high-end item to then find out they can’t use it because of, let’s say allergic reaction or a wrong shade. Unlike in the US, in Europe we cannot return opened products if we don’t like them so it’s especially important to try them out before buying.

5. Find loyalty programs best for you.

Most stores have loyalty programs, some better and some less interesting. They are usually made to make you buy more, but sometimes you can get really great deals like discounts or freebies for collected points. In Poland my favorite loyalty programs are carried by Sephora, Superpharm and Estee Lauder.

6. Sign up for newsletters.

This point is actually connected with the previous one because if you sign up for a loyalty program you usually receive newsletters. They allow you to be up-to-date with their offers and deals as well as New In products. When I get an email about a great offer from a store that has items from my wishlist, I just buy them then – that way I get both the product I wanted and additional benefits.

7. Shop online.

Online stores usually have the best prices and offers, so find your favorite ones for finding bargains.

8. Go for offers with deluxe samples.

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you probably know that I love deluxe samples! Because, what’s not to love? Some products are just impossible (at least to me) to finish before they expire, such as eye creams, eye liners, eye shadows, bright lipsticks… Deluxe samples are the solution here! I also love that they are travel-friendly and also very cute and tiny. Sephora, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Clarins online stores often have great sets of free deluxe samples with an order above a certain amount.

9. Find out what items are not that important for you and buy cheaper alternatives.

I guess everyone has the products they must invest more in because of their skin’s needs and preferences. To me that’s definitely skincare. However, I don’t need fancy body products, so I just buy regular drugstore shower gels, hand creams, body lotions, of course with a discount, and thanks to that I can spend the money I saved on better skincare products.

10. Think each purchase through and don’t be afraid of saying “no”.

How many times you bought a product that you didn’t like that much just because a sales assistant talked you into buying it? I did so many times, regretting afterwards and wasting a lot of money, until I learned to say “no”. If you are not sure if you want to buy an item – don’t be afraid to say you need to think it through – no one will judge you or be angry with you and even if they would, that’s just unprofessional on their side so not your problem at all.

What are your tips to save money while shopping for beauty products?

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  1. MrsShern says:

    I like your top tips list! Thanks for sharing! x

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  2. Sun Moon says:

    These tips are very clever! I used to practice 5 and 10, and now I see there is a lot more possibilities to save money on this. Thank you!

    Visit my blog:


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