High-end vs drugstore: Clinique Superpowder vs Bourjois Healthy Balance powder


Hello everyone, I hope you had an awesome weekend! I was planning my Christmas makeup look yesterday (post coming soon!) and couldn’t decide which powder to choose so I thought I will compare them on the blog first. These powders are very similar so I thought they deserve to take part in the high-end vs drugstore series!

(PS. Healthy Balance powder was an Amelia Liana inspired purchase!)

The packaging of Clinique Superpowder is obviously prettier because it’s more expensive, but the Bourjois one doesn’t look bad either and it has a mirror inside. The only thing I’m missing there is additional space for a spongeClinique powder comes with a sponge and you can store it in the powder’s case but the flat Bourjois packaging doesn’t even let you keep your own sponge there.

Bourjois Helathy Balance in 52 Vanille and Clinique Superpowder Double Face Makeup 02 Matte Beige

Both powders are talc-based and they also have a few other ingredients in common (or very similar ones like methicone and dimethicone for example). They are both finely milled and very smooth in texture. Both have a satin-matte finish and give a little bit of coverage but the Clinique powder is more opaque and can be used as a powder foundation if you don’t need much coverage.

Clinique Superpowder feels light on the skin, but I would say it’s more for dry, normal or combination skin unless you pair it with a seriously mattifying foundation – because it’s so light it may not be absorbent enough for oily skin. My skin is oily/combination and I use the powder to set either my Estee Lauder Double Wear or Clinique Anti-blemish foundation and I do not have any problems with oily shine during the day but with lighter foundations I would definitely need to blot or reapply it during the day. I love how natural it looks and doesn’t give a cakey appearance even on top of EL Double Wear. It doesn’t clog pores nor breaks me out. I have been faithful to this powder for many years until I decided to try something new.

Bourjois Healthy Balance is more heavy and it mattifies the skin better and for longer. I use it with the foundations mentioned above or any others I’m trying out and it never fails. Because it looks a bit more powdery on the skin and it is so good at mattifying I use it on everyday basis and reach for the Clinique one on more special occasions when I need a truly flawless finish. Another difference is a strong scent of the Bourjois powder while Clinique Superpowder is fragrance free.


Let’s talk about the shade selection now and I gotta say that Bourjois wins here. The shade 52 Vanille is a perfect color match for me but if I use my EL Double Wear foundation I set it with 53 Beige Clair – I need a slightly darker shade that altogether with the foundation which is a tad too light for me will give the right shade. Both shades have yellow undertones even though it may seem that 53 Beige Clair is more peachy. Clinique on the other hand has a strange shade selection in my opinion – 01 is really light and greyish and makes me look like an ill ghost and 02 is a bit too dark and way too peachy/orangey. If I use it with, again, EL Double Wear it sort of meshes and darkens the foundation so it makes a match. Otherwise I cannot use it because it’s too dark.

I think that Bourjois Healthy Balance powder is quite a good dupe for Clinique Superpowder if you have oily/combination skin. Personally, because of the shade selection I’m not going to repurchase Clinique one when it finishes. Healthy Balance mattfies the skin better as well so I can wear it with any foundation I own or decide to try and that definitely is convenient, not to mention that it’s only a fraction (one fourth) of the Superpowder’s price. Neither of these products caused any problems to my skin. If you have dry skin, Healthy Balance might be too heavy for you so Superpowder would be a better option.

Have you used these products? What are your favorite powders?

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  1. StaceyT says:

    I love the healthy mix powder! I use it everyday too! x

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    1. I’m glad you love it too! Honestly it’s the best drugstore product for face makeup that I’ve ever used 🙂 Thanks for reading, xx

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  2. I absolutely love the healthy mix powder too!

    I use a big fluffy brush to apply it all over my face as I have dry skin and don’t want to put on too much

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    1. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Especially for the price! That’s a great way to make it suitable for dry skin 🙂 Thanks for reading, xx

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  3. fannyanddailybeauty says:

    I’m not a big powder girl as much of them tend to highlight my dry areas yet I’ve tried the Healthy Mix and even though it didn’t work for me ( that is just my weird skin) it’s a product I very often advise for people which are on the budget with combination to oily skin also because as you said, the colour range is great! Yet oddly you really made me want to try the Clinique,, maybe just because you said it was more for dry to normal skin!


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    1. The Clinique powder is a really great product, if only you can find the right shade for yourself! I have dry patches occasionally, especially in winter, and this powder doesn’t accentuate them. It kind of blurs the complexion. Thanks for reading, xx


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