MAC Retro Matte lipstick and how I keep it from drying out my lips


Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing great! Today I’d like to shortly review my new MAC Retro Matte lipstick and share with you a little trick to keep lips moisturized when wearing a matte lipstick.

For some reason I have never owned a MAC lipstick before (I know, I know it’s a shame, especially for a lipstick addict) so this is the very first one for me. The shade I got is All Fired Up and it was advised to me by a sales assistant at the MAC counter – apparently this shade makes dark eyes pop and is perfect for girls with dark hair and slightly darker complexion as well (read: like the yellow me). You probably know the formula of MAC lipsticks very well so I’m not gonna rave about it too much. It is very long lasting (resistant to drinking, sometimes to eating and kisses as well;)), has amazing pigmentation and the addictive vanilla smell. Indeed, this shade is perfect for brunettes with dark eyes. It is a cold fuchsia-pinky-red shade (pictures speak for themselves) that makes your teeth seem whiter than they really are (yay!).

MAC All Fired Up swatch
MAC All Fired Up lip swatch

I had only one problem with the lipstick – it dried my lips incredibly. After I applied it for the first time they got chapped after around 3-hour wear and I generally don’t have dry lips. To keep my lips from drying I started using the sheer Universal Lip Liner Waterproof from Sephora underneath the lipstick – it is a great affordable option to prime your lips, make the lipstick apply smoothly and keep it from drying out the lips (unlike many other lip liners that make them even more dry). It doesn’t lose the matte finish of the lipstick. The MAC Retro Matte and the Sephora lip liner are now an inseparable duo for me!

MAC All Fired Up and Sephora Universal lip liner

Have you used MAC lipsticks before? What are your favourite shades and finishes?

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  1. V says:

    Thanks for this. Matte lipsticks dry out my lips

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  2. Brilliant Post!
    Another thing I do with mac lipsticks is at the start of putting on my make up I moisturise my lips with a thick balm and get on with the rest of my make up. I then apply the lipstick last and because the moisturiser has had time to really work and dry off the lipstick doesn’t go as dry or flaky.
    Thanks for sharing this! xxxx

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  3. Toby says:

    lovely post and the color looks great on you! come check out my blog for an awesome giveaway xx

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  4. rylie630 says:

    Thanks for sharing this tip! and that color is gorgeous by the way! 🙂

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  5. I liked the idea of applying sheer lip liner from Sephora before wearing such matte lipstick. recently posted on My July Favorites

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  6. Paula13t says:

    OMG I had no idea you’re polish until I started reading the second part of the post! I’m polish too, I grew up in Polska hehe 😉 That color looks great on you, I love MAC lipsticks but don’t have this one in my collection just yet 🙂

    Thirteen Thoughts

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    1. Hahahah wow I had no idea you are Polish too, til now ! What a coincidence, thats awesome, we should do a collab one day i think 😀 Thank you :*


  7. HuaHua says:

    This color is gorgeous!
    Mac matte lipsticks dry my out lips too but I still love them because of color :))
    Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it? Yes, they have amazing colours indeed!


  8. Such a lovely colour on you! I’m crazy about matte lipsticks by Mac and that the retro matte in relentlessly red, but I havnt even worn it once yet!!! I will have to give this a go… We don’t have Sephora in Melbourne yet, but should do by the end of the year!

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    1. Thank you! Relentlessly red is such a beautiful shade!

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