5 Products to Fight Oily Shine in Summer | My First Post


Hello Everyone!

I’m very excited to introduce you to the first post on Lipsticks and Dreams! I decided to start with tackling the issue of shine during summer since many of us are facing this problem when it starts to get really hot outside. I used to struggle a lot to keep my oily skin in control during summer, so now that I found my holy grail products I can’t wait the share them with You!

1. Mud Mask Purifying and Mattifying with Zinc and Copper by Sephora.



To combat oilyness during summer the basic step is cleansing. Without deep cleansing even if you use a mattifying cream or tons of powder it will not help much, because sebum will still be produced excessively and the pores will be clogged (is this gross? I hope not!).

I had been a fan of clay masks for a long time but this is the best one I have tried so far. Unlike many others, this one is not harsh and overdrying, it leaves the skin smooth and soft with clean pores (goodbye blackheads on your nose! ;)). After applying the mask on a clean and slightly wet face you wait for it to dry and then wet the mask and rub it off with circular motion – the mask works also as a scrub because of the exfoliating granules it contains. It is meant to be used once or twice a week depending on the needs. I cannot imagine living without this product now, it has helped my oily and acne prone skin a lot!

2. Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam by Clinique.


For everyday or almost everyday cleansing I use the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam. This product really helps reduce both oilyness and acne. If I need to have perfect makeup all day I use this cleanser beforehand and I can be sure it will do its job. It is a holy grail product for me that I repurchased multiple times and that has never failed me. The big bottle lasts for around 6 months so even though the price tag is quite high I would say it is totally worth it. The product is quite drying so I advise not to use it twice a day, personally I use it only in the morning to prepare my face for makeup. If used too often, it can give the opposite effect because overdried skin will “defend” itself by actually producing more sebum.

3. Anti-Blemish Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment by Clinique.


The All-Over Clearing Treatment by Clinique is a Daytime Moisturizer that makes a perfect base for makeup and leaves the skin smooth and matte. It is not very moisturizing, its main purpose is to mattify the skin, therefore it can be too drying for normal or combination skin but perfect for oily and very oily skin. I use it only for special occasions or for the days when my makeup has to stay the same from day to night. Unlike most of the Clinique or Estee Lauder moisturizers, this one is acne prone skin friendly, because it does not contain Dimethicone – a silicone that breaks many people, including me, out. I never use this moisturizer after using the cleansing foam mentioned above. Both products can be drying, so if combined, they make even my skin dry. However, its a great product to help your makeup stay all day and keep your skin from getting oily, especially because one of the main ingredients is Cyclopentasiloxane – a silicone that can be found as a main ingredient in primers as well.

4. Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation SPF 10 by Estee Lauder.


Some of You will probably think I am crazy now 😉 One of the heaviest foundations on the market for summer?! I agree, the best face makeup you can use in summer is a bb or cc cream, maybe a light foundation or nothing at all. Unfortunately, there are days when you need to look flawless all day or all night and that is not an easy effect to achieve for a person with very oily skin (and acne scarring for me additionally), especially in the summer weather. On these days I use the Double Wear Foundation beacuse it doesn’t transfer, doesnt melt in the heat, it keeps the skin matte without a mask effect and covers all the traces of blemishes. I have it in the shade 1N1 which is a bit too light for me, but when covered with the darker powder mentioned below, it matches my skin perfectly. It doesn’t come originally with a pump, but I just bought a MAC pump that fits.

5. Superpowder Double Face Powder by Clinique.




The Clinique Superpowder is my all-time favourite. It is a powder/powder foundation that gives a bit o coverage and has a satin-matte, healthy and photoshop-like finish. What I like the most about this powder is that it gives additional coverage and cooperates with almost every foundation that I wear underneath. What I found out about strictly mattifying, sheer powders is that sometimes they tend to separate from the foundation and give this awful melt-like, uneven effect that is much worse than not wearing makeup at all. Because this powder is not strictly (but still) mattifying, it works beautifully with a foundation and gives a bit of a blurred effect. I never touch up my makeup after using this powder, very rarely I just press a porous paper towel on the skin to absorb excess sebum if I’m wearing the makeup for more than ten hours. To apply it, I use the attached sponge that I clean with a disinfectant soap once a week (no jokes with acne ;)). After using the sponge for a while, I replace it with the plain Sephora ones. My shade is 02 matte beige.

Please leave me a comment about your favourite ways to combat shine during summer! Im also very curious about your opinions on the mentioned products, if you have used them!

Thank you for reading, if you liked the post dont forget to follow the blog via email to keep updated about the new posts!

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  1. marie says:

    I love Clinique a lot ! so of course I am going to like this post 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yes, they make pretty good stuff, one of my favourite brands!


  2. Fab post, very informative 😊


  3. Thanks for this! I am suffering already so may need to invest in some of these!


    1. Thank you, I hope it will work out for you! ❤


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